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About Us

Our instructors come from all walks of life. All of them have a story to tell, and all of them are enthusiastic about sharing swing dancing with people like you.


Jane Doe
Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

Jane has been a staple of SwingOut Twin Cities since it's founding, and the organization wouldn't exist without her. She has traveled the world and studied many different styles of dance, but swing dancing and its cousins have a special place in her heart. Jane has a passion for teaching. She loves engaging with students face-to-face, watching their progress, and helping them on their respective journeys. When she isn't dancing, Jane says she can usually be found at home, either curled up with a book or vegging out in front of the TV. She is the proud parent of two cats, Mimi and Momo.


If you're looking for technical knowledge--or knowledge of all things Star Wars--then John is your man. A longtime dancing instructor and self-described supernerd, John always brings his vitality and good humor with him into the classroom. He discovered swing dancing in high school, through the internet, and he largely taught himself using tutorials on Youtube. In his career as an adult, he studied at several dance schools before deciding to teach himself.


Our newest instructor, Joe, has already made a big impression on his fellow staffmembers, and he's eager to meet all of you, too! Joe is a denizen of Chicago who's relocated to the Twin Cities. He loves the scene... even if he's still getting used to the winters. Joe attended the Middleton Academy for the Arts, where he received a classical training in music. For him, swing dancing has always been a side hobby and personal passion, but he's got more than enough skill to teach at any level. If you have any recommendations for places to eat, let him know! Joe loves to discover local and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, as well as pubs that serve delicious food.