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Chris Weatherly
Chris Weatherly

About Me

I am a recent graduate with an associate's in web design. My work has also left me with experience in graphic design. I have worked for three years designing professional, informational flyers, posters, and other graphics, both for print and for digital displays.

I regularly combine type, vector art, and photographs into compositions that are functional yet pleasing to the eye. I am used to making eye-catching designs that can attract the attention of their target audience. Above all else, I know how to design around brand guidelines. Brand identity is the most important piece of design work in professional settings.

I was usually in charge of these projects from their conception to their final design, incorporating feedback from the client and supervisors along the way. I also collaborated on larger projects with coworkers from time to time. As such, I have experience managing workflow and deadlines, both unsupervised as part of a team.

I am proficient with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as InDesign to a lesser extent. I also have skills in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Wix, and Figma, among other tools. I have edited a brief video for a company website, and I have experimented with frame animations in Photoshop.

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